A cleantech incubator and education center developed by the local utility plus a neighborhood park

La Kretz Innovation Campus + Arts District Park in Los Angeles, California aims to create a dialogue among clean technology innovators, residents, and visitors. La Kretz Innovation Campus’s 61,000-square-foot renovated warehouse in the Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District is designed to serve as a “hub” for engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and policymakers. Flexible open and closed workspaces and an inner loop connecting the warehouse’s eight bays foster interaction, and the building features faceted walls and skylights for abundant natural light. Arts District Park – the first public park in the neighborhood – likewise offers a variety of multi-functional spaces to create an “outdoor living room” for the campus and neighborhood. The park creates a “green oasis” while meeting high sustainability standards, including 100% storm water capture and gray water irrigation, and it balances its small size with small-scale habitable spaces along the edges that make the park look and feel more expansive. Completed in 2016, funding for the $49.2 million project was provided by public and private sources and including New Market Tax Credits. 

Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence staff are developing case studies on the 2017 Medalists that will be published online and in a book in 2018. Each detailed case study will include information about the project’s history, community partners, design and development, financing, and impact, along with highlights from the selection committee discussion. RBA publications and case studies are a great resource for educators, practitioners, and students. In the meantime, to learn more about La Kretz Innovation Campus read the blog post about our site visit.