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Lawrence Halprin

Lawrence Halprin was a landscape architecture, designer and teacher.

  • Helped forge a new, sharper style of landscape architecture as postwar America sprouted suburban malls, urban parks, corporate compounds and federal urban renewal projects
  • Emphasized nature rather than obscured, His Sea Ranch, a development for 1,500 houses on a 5,000-acre stretch of coast in Sonoma County, preserved natural contours, open spaces and integrated the half-million trees he planted
  • Designed the Roosevelt memorial meticulously of four outdoor rooms and gardens animated by water, stone and sculpture, hand picking some of the 4,000 stones for the walls
  • Claimed little interest in decoration or prettiness, but cared deeply how people would move through a created space
  • Graduated from Cornell and earned a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin and a second bachelor’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design

Lawrence Halprin passed away on October 25, 2009

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