The 1991 winners foster connections among people, neighborhoods, the city and the environment, encouraging participation that instills a sense of empowerment in individuals and the community. 

Connections: the 1991 Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence includes detailed case studies and lessons learned about the winning projects including:

  • Greenmarket in New York, New York
    An outdoor farmers market collective bringing fresh products and produce to the city
  • Brooklyn-Queens Greenway in New York City, New York
    A 40-mile pathway linking neighborhoods to cultural and recreational opportunities
  • Ocean Drive Improvement Project in North Miami, Florida
    The preservation and redevelopment of a historical waterfront district
  • Roslindale Main Street Village in Boston, Massachusetts
    A community-led business district revitalization and preservation project
  • West Clinton Action Plan in Portland, Oregon
    A community-based approach to low-income housing rehabilitation and development

Lessons Learned themes included:

  • Making Connections
  • Participation and Empowerment
  • Social Justice
  • Preservation and Renewal
  • Local Initiative and Governmental Support
  • Leadership and Organizational Structure