The 1993 winners exemplify situations where residents and leaders came together to turn around neighborhoods devastated by neglect, disinvestment, mismanagement and physical destruction.

Rebuilding Communities: the 1993 Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence includes detailed case studies and lessons learned about the winning projects including:

  • Harbor Point in Boston, Massachusetts
    Transformation of a low-income housing project into a diverse community
  • New Community Corporation in Newark, New Jersey
    A community development corporation providing affordable housing and social services
  • Betts-Longworth Historic District in Cincinnati, Ohio
    A preservation-based redevelopment initiative to revitalize a historic downtown district
  • Beyond Homelessness in San Francisco, California
    A series of projects providing housing and services for the homeless
  • Park at Post Office Square in Boston, Massachusetts
    Replacement of downtown parking garage with a public park and underground parking

Lessons Learned themes include:

  • A Comprehensive Approach: Providing Services, Not just Buildings
  • Addressing Critical Urban Problems
  • Doing the Impossible: Persistence in the Face of Overwhelming Odds
  • Balancing Leadership and Participation
  • Effective, On-going Management
  • The Role of Technical Expertise
  • Leveraging Scarce Resources through Imaginative Use of Public and Private Programs
  • Achieving Quality in Urban Places