The 2005 winners illustrate the ways in which urban excellence emerges through processes that include the rethinking of neighborhood or community identities.

Reinventing Downtown: the 2005 Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence includes detailed case studies and lessons learned about the winning projects including:

  • Portland Streetcar Project in Portland, Oregon
    A new light rail system linking downtown and neighborhoods
  • Downtown Silver Spring and Discovery World Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland
    A transit-oriented development integrating entertainment, housing, office, retail, and public spaces
  • Fruitvale Village in Oakland, California
    A new mixed-use transit village offering housing, retail, and community services
  • Lower Town Artist Relocation Project in Paducah, Kentucky
    Renewal of a historic neighborhood by fostering ownership and investment by artists
  • The Heidelberg Project in Detroit, Michigan
    A series of installations using art as a vehicle for community change

Lessons Learned themes include:

  • Build on Strategic Transportation Opportunities
  • Design Quality and Symbols are Important
  • Public Engagement is Ever Present
  • History and Beauty are Transformative
  • Persistence and Critical Mass are Key Elements to Success
  • Finding Opportunity in Crisis
  • Creative Economy in Action