The 1987 winners prove that it is possible to combine esthetics with good, solid amenities for the user community, and that a good urban place reflects is residents and visitors, not just its creator.

Urban Excellence: the 1987 Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence includes detailed case studies and lessons learned about the winning projects including:

  • Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington
    A public market and mixed-use complex supporting the local community
  • St. Francis Square in San Francisco, California
    A cooperative low-rise, affordable family housing development
  • Quality Hill in Kansas City, Missouri
    Redevelopment of a historic downtown district into a new mixed-use community
  • Casa Rita in New York, New York
    A shelter providing temporary housing and services that empower mothers and children
  • Fairmount Health Center in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania
    A community clinic and neighborhood center offering health and wellness services

Lessons Learned themes include:

  • Urban buildings are better when they are sensitive to their surroundings
  • Fanciness and originality are welcome when they serve a purpose but can be inappropriate or harmful when they do not
  • Preservation of old buildings enriches a community‚Äôs sense of history, but sometimes new buildings are superior
  • Buildings are generally not to be esteemed as objects, but rather as places that make it easier for people to conduct their activities and fulfill their needs
  • Urban excellence requires effort and vision, and time to develop