A series of principles and values emerged from the inaugural cycle of the Rudy Bruner Award that continue to resonate as themes through subsequent cycles of the award. They include:

In general…what is needed in American cities is an emphasis less on the individual building and more on how the building contributes to a broader sense of place and community.






  • Urban buildings are better when they are sensitive to their surroundings
  • Fanciness and originality are welcome when they serve a purpose but can be inappropriate or harmful when they do not
  • Preservation of old buildings enriches a community’s sense of history, but sometimes new buildings are superior
  • Buildings are generally not to be esteemed as objects, but rather as places that make it easier for people to conduct their activities and fulfill their needs
  • Urban excellence requires effort and vision, and time to develop


  • empowerment of individuals
  • sensitivity towards community needs
  • cohesive urban design
  • collaboration
  • racial and economic diversity
  • continuity-restoration-renovation
  • design with users in mind