A center promoting youth arts and entrepreneurship

Boston’s Artists for Humanity EpiCenter empowers underserved youth with paid art apprenticeships that build confidence, creativity, and workforce readiness skills. Housed in a 23,000 square-foot LEED Platinum-certified building, the center is a full-service art and design business employing over 250 teens each year in creative and visual arts apprenticeships. Mentors work with teens in multimedia, photography, painting, sculpture, and other art forms to find creative solutions to client needs. Tutoring, literacy, science and technology, and college readiness programs support the young art entrepreneurs, and a 5,000-square-foot downtown gallery available for lease supports the center while featuring a rotating exhibition of student art.

Artists for Humanity EpiCenter established a new direction for involvement of inner city youth in the arts. The concept of developing entrepreneurial skills through the arts brings fresh opportunity and thinking to a long-standing urban issue.

2007 Selection Committee

By paying teens for their creative work, the center emphasizes the role of the arts in the global economy and the power of art and design to transform lives. Indeed, 100% of participating seniors graduate on time and are accepted to post-secondary education or advanced vocational training. The sustainability features of the building, which captures renewable energy through large solar panels, encourage environmental stewardship and accountability and serve as a model of green living for the community.