A series of projects providing housing and services for the homeless

Beyond Homelessness offers a comprehensive approach to homelessness in San Francisco through programs that provide food, shelter, social services, and housing. The larger of two multi-service centers, for example, offers 225 shelter beds, toilets and showers, and laundry facilities as well as a day-lounge with a 95-person capacity. Housed in a repurposed and renovated concrete frame warehouse, the center is a welcome alternative to traditional shelters. A smaller drop-in center is open 24 hours a day, and an outreach center located at the bus terminal offers counseling, benefits assistance, clothing, and mental and physical health referrals. Multiple hotel projects provide temporary and permanent housing along with support, including childcare and educational opportunities, to help residents achieve stability.

Beyond Homelessness is based on the Beyond Shelter plan that approaches the problem of homelessness by looking at its many manifestations and providing services.

1993 Selection Committee

Beyond Homelessness programs are rooted in San Francisco’s 1989 Beyond Shelter plan, which aims to reduce the homeless population by assisting the homeless in finding needed services and permanent housing, acquiring and rehabilitating low-income housing, and stabilizing income through job training.