A cultural center and family district that promotes creativity and collaboration

The renovated and expanded Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is a sustainable complex integrating nonprofit programs and inter-institutional collaborations. The 80,000-square-foot facility incorporates three distinct centuries of architectural style, using the design to inform its mission to provide programs exploring the historic past, contemporary issues, and future challenges. In addition to traditional exhibitions, the museum offers a diverse range of family programming facilitated

The museum builds connections among diverse people, makes a positive design contribution to the local urban landscape, and provides a new model for placemaking with collaborations among culturally oriented institutions.

2007 Selection Committee

The Children’s Museum is an outstanding example of urban placemaking and a model for institutional leadership in urban revitalization. The building is LEED Silver certified, preserves historic structures, and was developed through an innovative design process that included charrettes, competitions, and public participation. Attracting 230,000 visitors per year, the museum serves as a catalyst for change in an underserved urban neighborhood.