A community development corporation providing affordable housing and social services

New Community Corporation (NCC) offers low-income housing and social services to revitalize Newark, New Jersey’s Central Ward. Born in response to the riots of 1967, the NCC rebuilt the devastated Central Ward through the creation of the oldest and largest community development corporation in the country. The NCC provides a range of comprehensive and innovative services to meet a variety of urban needs including low-income and transitional housing, childcare, employment, job training, educational opportunities, and social and health care services.

NCC provided services that would normally be offered by a city but were largely lacking in the Central Ward. NCC became almost a surrogate city for this piece of the urban fabric.

1993 Selection Committee

Dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Central Ward, this grassroots redevelopment venture provides housing for over 6,000 individuals in apartments and homes contained within 15 housing developments. The 2,498 units range from senior citizen high rises, to family town houses, to mid-rise mixed tenancy buildings that mindfully preserve historic sites. The NCC also promotes economic recovery and stability in the area, employing 1,200 people in several for-profit businesses, seven childcare centers, a school for 300 students, and multiple assistance agencies.