Rehabilitation of historic Victorian mansions into low- and moderate-income housing

The Parkside Historic Preservation project in Philadelphia revitalized Parkside Avenue by repurposing abandoned Victorian mansions to create low-income housing. The restoration brought much-needed affordable housing to a neighborhood struggling with poverty, abandonment, and depopulation. Spearheaded by the nonprofit Parkside Historic Preservation Corporation, the project preserves the elegant architecture of 16 late nineteenth-century mansions to provide 82 high-quality units that combat the social stigma of low-income housing.

The Parkside Preservation restorations allowed populations who have specific needs and require assistance to be housed without triggering present or future ‘not-in-my-backyard’ syndromes.

1999 Selection Committee

The Parkside project also includes programs to support conservation, economic development, and social justice, including a commitment to retain original neighborhood residents and to invite community participation as much as possible. In its effort to truly serve the population, Parkside welcomes all residents in need, including those with HIV/AIDS, the mentally ill, and the physically disabled.