A community court offering a proactive alternative to the judicial system

The Red Hook Community Justice Center in Brooklyn, New York, is a community court that addresses issues through rehabilitation and community restoration. This proactive approach—repeatedly shown to reduce recidivism rates—allows the center to use the court system as a means of intervention to improve the quality of life in a troubled low-income neighborhood. Housed in an abandoned parochial school building with historical significance and character, the center The building’s design reflects this agenda by honoring the historic features of the building, promoting accessibility, and creating a caring and comfortable atmosphere.

Red Hook Community Justice Center changes the operation and perception of the justice system by offering a wide spectrum of remedial services and results in a safer, more stable community.

2003 Selection Committee

The Red Hook Community Justice Center is a replicate of the Midtown Community Court model, and its community outreach programs include a safety corps, youth court, and school watches. It represents an innovative approach to community stabilization and revitalization by offering social service programs that engage residents in crime prevention, victim assistance, and community-building activities together with the community justice system.