Transportation district revitalization project preserving public space, local history, and culture

The Santa Fe Railyard is a community-led redevelopment integrating a historic rail line, park, and commercial, residential, and arts space.  The 50-acre, $127 million project includes 37 acres of redeveloped commercial, cultural, and live/work space and 13 acres of parklands, a formal plaza, and a half-mile bike/walkway preserved by a conservation easement that ensures their use as public space in perpetuity. In the early planning stages, the number one desire expressed by citizens for the proposed railyard development was to keep the railroad running, and the historic train depot renovation extends operations and encourages use of public transit. The redevelopment design captures the aesthetic of the historic rail line, incorporating a rugged, industrial look that honors the history of the railyard and provides contrast to the surrounding Pueblo Revival architectural style.

The collision of interests within the development community, versus the aspirations of the City for a new public realm, led to a new ten-acre park.

2011 Selection Committee

The Railyard’s focus on accessible community space allows Santa Fe’s diverse mix of residents to meet and interact with each other in a center of social, cultural, and economic activity. More than two decades in the making, the project was a collaborative effort informed by community activism and a commitment to protecting the natural and architectural beauty of the district. Economic and environmental sustainability and affordability were also priorities, and the project offers reduced rents to existing community-based nonprofits to help maintain the vitality of the deeply rooted neighborhood.