Rehabilitation of a historic high-rise hotel into supportive low-income housing

The Times Square in New York City transformed a dilapidated midtown hotel into a large-scale supportive housing development for people in need. Between 1991 and 1994, Common Ground Community HDFC, Inc. spearheaded the renovation of the infamous single-room occupancy hotel in Times Square into 652 secure, single-occupancy units with affordable rents for formerly homeless individuals, low-income adults, the elderly and mentally ill, and people with HIV/AIDS. The ground floor offers commercial space for three retail operations that support job training and hiring programs.

The Time Square’s handsome living environment is enriched by history and communicates a sense of permanence and stability mirroring its goals of supporting and respecting residents.

1997 Selection Committee

The project combines excellence in design with an innovative housing model, social services, and job training, and it has helped stabilized a key corner in the ongoing revitalization of the Times Square district. Programming is designed to help tenants foster stability and independence, and the project demonstrates the feasibility of developing high-quality, cost-effective, large-scale affordable housing.